For Migrant Workers

Law & You

Law & You is a legal education programme which aims to educate migrant workers on their legal rights in Singapore. The programme consists of a series of four seminar-style workshops conducted over a span of a few months with each workshop focusing on a key area that is pertinent to their employment and residence in Singapore.

Our People
The Law & You project is a collaboration between the NUS Faculty of Law Pro Bono Society and Humanitarian Organisation for Migration Economics (HOME). Our student volunteers from the National University of Singapore Faculty of Law (NUS Law) develop the training syllabus and conduct the workshops with the guidance and instruction from experienced HOME staff.

Our Mission
Our mission is to increase awareness on legal rights and obligations among FDWs so that they may be better able to protect themselves from abuse.

FDWs who do not know their legal rights or obligations may not realise when they are being abused by their employers or other persons. They may not realise that redress is due to them and might quietly acquiesce and allow the abuse to be perpetuated. Alternatively, they might find themselves the unwitting perpetrators of crimes.

Currently the legal rights and obligations are available on the Ministry of Manpower (MOM) website. The information, though available, may not be easily accessible to all migrant workers. It is the aim of Law & You to simplify and highlight this information, and ensure that migrant workers are well-equipped to protect themselves in the face of potential problems in the course of their employment.

Our Workshops
Over the course of a few months, Law & You conducts a set of four workshops to inform migrant workers of their legal rights and possible avenues of seeking help if needed.

The most recent set of workshops have dealt with the following topics:

  1. Money Matters (Salary, Deductions);
  2. Ending Work (Renewal, Transfer, and Repatriation);
  3. Well-being (Basic Needs, Rest Days, and Safety); and
  4. Criminal Law (Victim, Offender)

These workshops aim to provide important and basic legal information to migrant workers, In addition, the workshops incorporate short skits to simulate real-life situations that offer the audience a chance to participate and apply what they have learnt.