Tribute to the late Jocelyn “Bunso” Reyes
26th January 2017

Jocelyn, or better known as Bunso was a volunteer with HOME since 2012. Tragically, she died in November last year of Leukaemia. Cheerful, helpful, and compassionate, Bunso was a domestic worker who volunteered with the HOME Academy. The Academy provides skills training at a highly subsidised rate for migrant workers and Bunso was part of the team in charge of its administration and logistics.

HOME’s staff and coordinator of the HOME Academy Sisi Sukiato attended her funeral in the Philippines.

“Jocelyn had only one day off a week yet she chose to use it in service of others. She was so dedicated. We will miss her.” she said

In a tribute speech to her at a recent HOME Academy graduation, Meshalle, one of her co-volunteers and friends at the Academy said:

“She also had a generous soul. She always made sure her family comes first. The house that she painstakingly built for her family is almost done…all thanks to her. It is not difficult to understand why she put up a happy and jolly character even though knowing that she was seriously ill.

One thing you may know about Bunso was her love of music and dance. She may both have two left legs but we will try our best to dance and perform on stage.

Until the very end, she chose to suffer alone than share the pain and suffering to those who cared for her. Her passing is hard to believe by many of us. Bunso, you fought so hard for the sake of your loved ones and dear friends. But all of us knew that we don’t control how long our existence will be. Time will heal our wounds, and life truly goes on.”

Rest in peace Jocelyn, our dear Bunso