Advocacy & Awareness

Through talks and media contact, we raise awareness among the Singaporean public about the rights of migrant workers. Together with our NGO partners, we launched a campaign to encourage regular days off for domestic workers- in 2007. In 2011, we partnered with The Body Shop, UN Women and Ecpat on a campaign against sex trafficking, where we called for the creation of an anti-trafficking law. In 2014, this law was proposed and we worked with our partners to launch another campaign stoptraffickingsg which called for a victim centric approach to human trafficking.

We also raise awareness and advocate for change by publishing reports, stories, position papers, writing letters to the press, and taking part in dialogue sessions with government agencies and other stakeholders on issues concerning migrant workers. We connect with the public and migrant workers via social media and conduct workshops and seminars to inform migrant workers about their legal rights and health related issues.