Dedicated to supporting, empowering and upholding
the rights of migrant workers in Singapore


Founded in 2004, HOME (Humanitarian Organization for Migration Economics) is dedicated to supporting and empowering migrant workers who suffer abuse and exploitation. Three pillars guide us: Welfare, Empowerment and Advocacy. We work with corporations, government agencies and community partners to promote inclusion, justice, equality and dignity for all.


How HOME Helps

  • Direct assistance, shelter and free food for domestic workers who have been abused.
  • Legal aid for migrant workers in Singapore and when they have returned to their countries of origin.
  • Skills training and capacity-building programmes such as English language classes, computer classes, baking, cooking, and caregiving courses for domestic workers.
  • Research and advocacy on key migrant worker issues.



Over 2,000
Migrant Workers Assisted
Each Year


Domestic Workers In Distress Housed
Each Year


Domestic Workers Graduated from Home Academy
Each Year




Migrant Workers
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