HOME provides assistance to migrant workers in Singapore, many of whom are abused and exploited. Typical problems include: wage theft, work injuries, poor living conditions, and physical, verbal and psychological abuse. We also assist and advocate on behalf of survivors of human trafficking and forced labour. HOME works with government agencies, civic groups, corporations, and other regional and local partners to meet the goals of our three pillars: Welfare, Empowerment and Advocacy.



HOME operates a number of specialised helpdesks for both domestic and non-domestic workers seeking assistance. Our team of trained caseworkers and volunteers offer advice to workers unsure of their rights and options. Additionally HOME can assist with managing the end-to-end process of workers’ cases, supporting them to seek recourse, whether that be legal, medical, financial or psychological.

HOME offers a place of refuge and social support for all vulnerable domestic workers in Singapore. Many of our residents have suffered abuse and exploitation, and a number are in the process of seeking legal recourse or resolving disputes with their employers. With space for around 50 workers at any one time, the shelter residents may stay for periods of a few days to over a year, depending on the speed in which their cases are concluded. In many instances, HOME’s shelter is their only place of sanctuary at a time when many have no way to support themselves, nor anywhere to stay in Singapore during their period of crisis. We seek to restore their dignity through holistic rehabilitation programmes and provide a variety of activities and services, from English classes to counselling sessions.

Medical Treatment
HOME offers some free medical services to those unable to afford them.

Legal Aid
HOME provides free legal aid for workers in Singapore and continues to assist them on return to their country of origin.



HOME Academy
With the aim of empowering domestic workers in Singapore, HOME Academy offers a variety of educational and vocational training programmes. Courses include English language, computer literacy, cooking, cosmetology, baking, caregiving, dressmaking, and financial literacy. Many of our courses are run by volunteer domestic workers with specialised skills and a passion for empowering others.



HOME is a leading proponent of migrant workers’ rights in Singapore and aims to increase awareness of their situation through public education and campaigns on issues affecting the migrant worker population. Through our advocacy work we hope to help bring about changes to improve the lives of migrant workers in Singapore.

HOME seeks to gain greater insight into the lives of migrant workers and the issues that affect them and we carry out research projects into the employment and living conditions of migrant workers in Singapore. Find out more here.



Our helpdesks provide employment advice, legal aid, financial assistance, and medical services to approximately 2,000 workers every year. At the HOME Shelter, we house an average of 700 migrant domestic workers who are victims of abuse and exploitation. An additional 1,600 women, on average, attend our skills training courses every year.

Our role in advocacy has led to changes to laws and policies in Singapore, such as the Employment of Foreign Manpower Act, the Employment Act, Foreign Employees Dormitory Act, and the Prevention of Human Trafficking Act. HOME actively campaigns for a mandatory weekly day-off for domestic workers and victim-centred human trafficking legislation.