As an NGO with a small team running two help desks, a shelter, and an Academy for domestic workers and assisting around 2,000 migrant workers each year, we rely heavily on volunteers to assist with direct services, run programmes/activities, befriend the migrant workers and fund-raising. If you have a passion to serve one of the most underserved groups in Singapore and an interest in social justice issues, sign up now for a volunteer information session. We will e-mail you the details of our next orientation.

We pour a good amount of time and resources into organising and training our volunteers, so we would prefer if you can commit to at least a 6-month stint (at least twice a week) for case work and befriending work.


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You are here because you want to make a change. And you are at the right place. Volunteering is more than helping to improve and impact the lives of others. It is also about bringing some much needed cheer and relief to them. Get in touch and complete this form if you want to get involved!

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